How to Plan the Perfect party at an Indoor Playground

indoor playground auroraSo you – or rather your child – would like to have a birthday party at an indoor playground. Awesome! Playgrounds are an excellent choice of venue for hosting children’s parties for many reasons; the staff are experienced in dealing with children, there is little or no setting up and cleaning up for you to do and there are already plenty of features and equipment to keep the children entertained. With all of these factors combined, indoor playgrounds can certainly lend themselves to themed parties that really set young imaginations free; just imagine creating a pirate lagoon at your house in Aurora versus the playground. Yup, thought so. Below is a short list of things to consider for the party.

Planning Your Indoor Playground Party

  • Activities: Ask the venue about any packages or party specials that are available upon request. The venue will almost certainly be able to help with booking entertainers if required.
  • Themes: Don’t get us wrong, playgrounds are great for kids just the way they are, but if you’re not planning a theme for the party you may be missing a trick! Discuss details with the venue as they may have their own decorations. Some venues allow very limited outside decorations to be brought in or don’t allow balloons so it’s best to check first.
  • Food: Plan the menu. If you have specific dietary requirements for the party then you should coordinate these with the venue, who may be able to help you to prepare food onsite or arrange catering for you. Some venues allow you to make all of your own catering arrangements and bring in food and drinks from outside.
  • Scheduling: Timing and coordination is crucial for these kinds of events. Make sure that your desired venue is available during your desired time slot well in advance. Certain venues may be willing to be flexible with their opening and closing times for the convenience of you and your guests.
  • Payment: Clarify all costs with the venue beforehand. This may include such things as upfront deposits, final payments, member / walk-in rates for guests. This is your opportunity to negotiate a good deal!
  • Get Help: Line up any help you may need well in advance. Whether you need help with camera work, music, setting up, catering or adult supervision you should speak to the venue first about the kind of assistance that they do or don’t provide.
  • Multimedia: If you intend to stream music, have a live web broadcast or simply wish to allow the adults present to have internet connectivity for their devices you should ensure that the WiFi available in the required area has a strong enough signal. If you wish to record the event on camera then you may want to ask the venue if the camera and post-production work is included in any of their packages.

Whether you live in the Aurora itself or any of the surrounding areas, please feel free to come in and talk to us about your ideas and requirements for your upcoming party!