Birthday Parties Markham: At Home Vs. Hired Venues

Birthday Parties MarkhamIf you’re waffling between wanting to host your child’s birthday party at home and wanting to host it at a third-party venue you’re not alone. Both have their advantages and disadvantages and both will wind up costing you time and money. In this post we’ll take a quick look at the issue and see if we can determine which approach is best.

The Best Venue for Hosting Birthday Parties Markham

There are a lot of things to consider when deciding whether to hold your child’s birthday party at home or at a third-party venue. Here are some of the pros and cons you’ll want to weigh.

Hosting at home: Pros

  • Control – When you host at home you call the shots. If that’s important to you you’ll likely want to keep the party in-house.
  • Affordability – No doubt birthday parties Markham are less expensive to hold at home. But time is money too and planning and preparation will take time.
  • Safety – You know your kids are safe at home, while sending them out to any third party establishment carries risks; even if they’re slight.
  • Convenience – You can do much of the planning and preparation from your kitchen while enjoying a cup of tea.

Hosting at home: Cons

  • Impact – Kids make a mess. You’ll need to make sure valuables are out of harm’s way and may have to cover furniture or other objects.
  • Nursing duties – Young kids eat too much, get excited and throw up. Another kids get stomach aches. Maybe another falls and hits her head; which brings us to…
  • Liability – If someone’s child gets seriously hurt during a party in your home you could be facing very angry parents with a very good lawyer.

Hosting at a venue: Pros

  • No cleanup – This by itself is often enough to convince people to use a third party venue for their kid’s birthday party.
  • Lots of play options – Most venues that host kids birthday parties in Markham have play areas onsite that the kids will really appreciate.
  • Professional staff – The venue will come with professionally trained staff who will keep an eye on the kids better than you could all by yourself.
  • Emergency preparedness – Professional hosting venues have procedures in place to handle medical and other emergencies.
  • Liability coverage – Any hosting venue worth its salt will have robust liability coverage in case of accidents.

Hosting at a venue: Cons

  • Price – It will cost you more to have your party at a third party venue.
  • Limitations – When the venue says your time is up your time is up.
  • Drop off and pick up – You’ll need to make sure your kids are dropped off and picked up by yourself or someone you trust.

Parents with busy schedules appreciate the time savings and convenience of having their child’s birthday celebration hosted at Play and Party Childcare Center where we have the hosting of birthday parties down to an art form. Give us a call today on 289-234-7529 to find out more about holding your child’s next birthday bash at Play and Party.