Factors to Compare When Assessing the Different Indoor Playground Options in Your Area

If you live in a modern urban area like Greater Toronto where do you find a place for your children to play that’s both fun and safe? Many parents in search of an answer to this question have discovered indoor playgrounds and their increasing popularity is testament to the fundamental soundness of the concept. Still, it can be difficult to determine which of these facilities may be right for your child and so to help you make an informed decision we present here a few questions to ask and things to consider when choosing an indoor playground.

Finding the Right Indoor Playground

  • Safety – The number 1 concern when it comes to leaving your child anywhere you are not is safety. To set your mind at ease you may want to ask some or all of these questions: Who is in charge? What are their qualifications? Are there security cameras in the facility? Is there a qualified health professional on site at all times? What are the procedures in case of a health emergency?
  • Size of Facility – Kids are bundles of nearly limitless energy looking for ways to release that energy. They need to run, jump, climb, run some more, toss things, catch things and then run some more. Make sure any indoor playground is in a large enough space to accommodate kids being kids.
  • Number of Kids – On an average day how many children will be using the facility at any one time? Is there adequate staff to handle all the kids and give them personal attention if they need it? Are there limits on how many kids the facility will accept?
  • Equipment and Activities – What type of playground sets are available and are they new or dog-eared? Are these playground sets age appropriate for your kids (some are designed for older kids while some are designed for toddlers and the like)? What type of organized activities are available? Are their facilities available for birthday parties?
  • Location – You may want to chose a facility that’s as close as possible to either your work or home, if only to cut down on reaction time should there be an emergency. Also, you’ll probably want to take a tour of the surrounding neighbourhood and, while you’re at it, check if there are police and fire stations nearby.
  • Hours of Operation – Different facilities have different hours of operation. Some open early, some later. Some have rigid schedules, some are more flexible. Some have special hours for birthday parties. If you get stuck at work or in traffic and can’t be there at the usual time what happens? Is there a financial penalty for pickup after normal hours of operation?

There’s a lot to consider when choosing an indoor playground for your child, but with the growing number of these facilities it’s a good bet you’ll find one that’s right for you. The important thing is to ask plenty of questions during the interview process so that you can make an intelligent decision based on facts.

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