Games that are Sure to Go Down a Storm at Birthday Parties

The best kids birthday parties are part wackiness/part controlled chaos and nothing gets the smiles and laughter going and keeps the boredom at bay better during a party than some tried and true party games. Kids love games for as many reasons as there are kids but mostly because they focus the mind and ramp up the fun! Creating new games from whole cloth may be asking too much of a party host, but it’s also unnecessary since there’s already a reliable stock of sure fire hits out there to choose from.

Great Games Make Great Birthday Parties

Because our job is providing a safe, healthy indoor environment for kids to play and have their birthday parties, we’re going to focus on games that are either designed specifically for the indoors or ones that can be adapted to an indoor playground.

  • Statues – Spread the kids out across the room (the more the merrier). When the music starts the kids launch into the silliest dances they can imagine. When the music stops they freeze where they are. The last person to freeze is out. If everyone freezes at the same time then the first one to move is out. Continue until there is only one “statue” left.
  • Blind Obstacle Course – Perfect for an indoor playground and a big favourite at kids birthday parties! In this game the kids are split up into teams of 2. One is blindfolded, the other is their guide, while one of the staff is trusted to keep time. When the signal is given the guide must shepherd the blindfolded child using only words through a fun but safe course that requires them to go over, under and through various obstacles until they cross the finish line. Whichever team finishes the course in the shortest time wins!
  • Ping Pong Toss – Another big favourite! For this game make 5 rows of 5 plastic cups with each row given a value. The row closest to the kids is 1 point, furthest away 5 points. Now give each child 5 ping pong balls and tell them to try and toss them into the cups to score points. Whoever scores the most wins. If there is a tie score the kids that tied go another round until there is a winner.
  • Keep the Ball in the Air – Kids are arranged in a circle and a large, light ball is tapped into the air to one of the kids by a staff member. That child taps the ball up in the air toward another child (can be anyone) who must then tap it to someone else. Any child that misses the ball is out. Likewise if they catch it or hit it out of the circle. Keep going until the last child misses. The survivor is the winner.

Kid’s birthday parties and games are like apples and cinnamon: they just go together. So if you’re looking for a way to stave off the doldrums and turn the party spirit up to 11 give these traditional party games a try.

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