Your Indoor Playground Checklist

Indoor Playgrounds Richmond HillAs winter approaches in Richmond Hill many parents will be thinking of ways for their children to expend their energy and indulge their natural curiosity without freezing to death. Whether it’s a birthday treat, a spot of crisis aversion or time set aside for the children to play and learn with you and other children, indoor playgrounds are a fun and safe place for children to test their limits.
Important Things to Consider For Indoor Playgrounds

  • Safety: We know that as a parent this is one of your foremost priorities. Make sure that you are satisfied with the condition of the equipment. Ask about the level of staff training as well as the policies and procedures in place to ensure that mishaps are dealt with properly or avoided altogether.
  • Equipment: The toys and equipment should be age appropriate. If the playground is enjoyed by children of different age groups, then the equipment should provide the children with the level of challenge and fun that is appropriate for their age while being safe for all concerned. Sandboxes, shock-absorbent surfacing and open-ended equipment are staples of a well-equipped indoor playground.
  • Activities: There’s more to playgrounds than the equipment. Good playgrounds are places where the only thing limiting kids is their imagination. Playgrounds can also stretch and stimulate children’s imagination with educational activities such as workshops, special events and themes.
  • Location: The playground may be a way of averting crisis, so you certainly don’t want the trip to and from the playground itself to turn into a crisis. Make sure that the playground is a convenient or at least tolerable distance for travel. It is also helpful to have other amenities such as shops and child friendly restaurants nearby. Richmond Hill is a kid friendly neighbourhood where you can be sure that your little one will be able to easily meet, play and make friends with other kids.
  • Opening Times: It would be a shame to rock up to the playground only to find it closed, which may even result in you getting an earful from the little one! Most playgrounds open from early morning until around noon during weekdays and from mid-morning until the late afternoon on weekends. There may also be specific times for certain activities that are designed for specific ages. Be sure to check and confirm before you set off.
  • Facilities: Play can get messy – and so it should! Just as it is important to let kids have their messy fun to learn from, it is important that the playground has toilets, wash rooms and water fountains that are safe and conveniently placed for both adults and children. Adults should be able to grab a coffee or a bite to eat and have comfortable seating for when they simply want to watch while their children run riot.

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