Party Bags: Are They a Must Have Element of Birthday Parties?

Birthday Parties Aurora Is it possible that something associated with kid’s birthday parties Aurora could be <gulp> controversial? You wouldn’t think so but, as it turns out, party bags may actually be flirting with that dubious distinction. It turns out that for every parent who is more than willing to hand out party bags there’s a parent who believes them to be completely unnecessary. So who’s right?

Should Birthday Parties Aurora Feature Party Bags?

The great party bag debate seems to center around 2 main issues: 1) Are they necessary? and, if so 2), What’s appropriate party bag filler? In this post we’ll try to come up with some answers.

Question 1) Are party bags necessary?

  • Yes: Those who feel party bags are a necessary element of kid’s birthday parties Aurora think that not distributing these parting gifts is bad form or a sign of ingratitude on the part of the hosts. They feel their child’s contribution to the party’s success should be acknowledged and party bags are a way to do that. Fair point.
  • No: Those opposed to party bags cite the undeniable fact that much of their contents winds up on the floor of the car during the ride home or in the waste basket shortly after. In addition they point to the fact that they’ve already supplied cake, ice cream, drinks, hats, balloons, entertainment and more for the children and that should be enough. Again, fair point.

Winner: Party bags, like piñatas and clowns, are one more possible element of a child’s birthday party and should not be considered mandatory. That said, if you decide to go the party bag route you’re left to fend with question 2:

Question 2) What’s appropriate party bag filler?

  • Anything and everything: In some circles party bag contents have gotten out of control with kids receiving everything from mobile phones to tickets to professional sporting events. Most of the world however tends to think that various dollar store trinkets and candy bars are more than adequate filler for the average party bag.
  • Keep the plastic and sugar: On the other hand there are parents who feel that plastic trinkets do little but add to the waste already choking the environment. They also don’t want their kids to be eating candy at every opportunity. For these parents granola bars and fruit snacks and even something like Play Doh that encourages creativity are preferred.

Winner: Lavish party bag fillers seem more than a little short sighted. Where do you go from mobile phones? Stocks and bonds? It makes more sense to keep things simple, be true to yourself and let the chips fall where they may.

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