Safety Features all Indoor Playgrounds Should Have

indoor playground MapleWe all have those memories of times when fun and games ended in tears, though for some of us in Maple they are no longer just memories but an everyday reality! We know that as parents your first and foremost concern is for the safety and well-being of your children. That is why we created this list of safety considerations to help avoid mishaps, or at least to ensure that the mishaps are nothing worse than a valuable lesson for your child.

Indoor Playground Safety Considerations

  • Safe Play: Common sense is worth repeating; No roughhousing on moving equipment. Go down slides feet-first. Make sure that trampolines (not suitable for children under 6, by the way) have plenty of overhead clearance, soft surrounds and no holes or protruding springs.
  • Adult Supervision: Young kids can’t always gauge distances correctly or foresee dangerous consequences on their own. This also applies to older kids who are especially fond of testing their limits. It is therefore necessary to ensure that your indoor playground always has a supervising adult who can see all areas of the playground and is ready to deal with emergencies.
  • Surfaces: Cushioned or shock absorbent surfacing should extend at least 6 feet beyond equipment. Surfaces that are on the harder and rougher end of the spectrum should be reserved for kids who are old enough to deal with a few harmless knocks and scrapes or avoid them altogether.
  • First Aid: Be prepared for injuries. Along with the proper emergency procedures, playground staff should be properly trained in paediatric first aid since first aid for children isn’t necessarily the same as first aid for adults. If your child has a condition that requires constant observation and specialist treatment such as diabetes, epilepsy, allergies or similar then you should let the playground staff know. Depending on what it is, our playground staff in Maple may be able keep a stock of spare medication for your child, just in case.
  • Clothing: Indoor playgrounds generally don’t have clothing restrictions for their patrons, but as a parent it is important for you to ensure that whatever your child is wearing will not cause them harm in a playground accident. This will change as kids become more able with age, but as a general rule of thumb it is a good idea to avoid wearing clothes with drawstrings or any kind of jewellery such as necklaces, rings or bracelets while at the playground. These can accidentally get caught on parts of the playground, which can be quite distressing if not painful.

This is by no means an exhaustive list of safety considerations; you could probably add quite a few more points without thinking too hard. However, if you still have any lingering questions on how to keep your young ones safe without ruining the fun for them then please call us or better yet, come in and talk to us if you happen to find yourself in the Maple area.