Trends in Birthday Parties for 2016: What’s Hot and What’s Not

Birthday Parties Newmarket Kids love parties but they also want new. Because of this you reuse party ideas and themes at your own peril. No one who’s worked for weeks on what should be the perfect kid’s Birthday Parties Newmarket wants to hear disappointed reactions when Hagrid arrives to hand out presents. In order to stave off theme-fatigue it’s important to keep up with what’s trending in kid’s party ideas.

The Latest in Kid’s Birthday Parties Newmarket and Beyond

Kids are completely of their time and they want something either currently trending in the media or the most incredibly unique idea ever. Here’s a bunch of party related themes and ideas that will hit the scene in 2016.

  • “The Force Awakens” party – “Star Wars: The Force Awakens” is the biggest thing since, well, “Star Wars”. While Rey and Finn are getting a lot of attention maybe the real reason kids have been going back to see the film over and over is a little droid called BB-8. Radio controlled BB-8 replicas are all the rage and can be the centerpiece of your Force Awakens theme party.
  • Food truck! – Food trucks have become “a thing” and smart party planners are building parties around them. Hire a popular food truck for the day and have it roll up to the party at a particular time, (stopping in a safe location). The kids then line up to partake of the tasty offerings and you have a memorable party on your hands.
  • Photo booths – Photo booths are tailor-made for the selfie age and will liven up any party. Set up a colorful background, decorate it with decals or cut-outs then lay out makeup, costumes, wigs and more. Put an adult on the camera and prepare for zaniness. You can use the photo booth in concert with any larger theme or as a stand-alone idea.
  • Crowd fund a gift – Instead of getting the child of honor a bunch of smaller gifts set up a crowdfunding page and collect funds from relatives to purchase a single larger gift like an Xbox console or bicycle. Of course the crowdfunding campaign will have to be kept secret but it’s a digital age way to get the birthday girl or boy something they’ll never forget.
  • Oversized balloons – In 2016 balloons will make a major comeback at birthday parties Newmarket. Instead of dozens or even hundreds of small balloons have 1 enormous balloon for each child (and backups in case a few balloons pop during the party). At the end of the festivities let the kids take them home as parting gifts.

Kid’s birthday parties Newmarket are going to break new ground in the coming year and holding a party at Play and Party will ramp up the fun even more. We offer a range of affordable party packages that can include use of our fully equipped soft play area, private movie theater and more. Celebrate your child’s special day at Play and Party and create memories you’ll both cherish for a lifetime. Call us on 289-234-7529 to find out more.